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Husky 143R11 HD Brush Cutter 41.5cc

Husky 143R11 HD Brush Cutter 41.5cc
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Husky 143R11 HD Brush Cutter 41.5cc
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Husky 143R11 Brush Cutter 2-Stroke 41.5cc
Engine 1.5 kW with HD Shaft and Gearbox

Unleash the power of precision with the Husky 143R-IIA-HD Brush Cutter, a stalwart in the realm of commercial-grade grass cutting for heavy agricultural and horticultural tasks. The heart of this robust trimmer is its hardworking 41.5cc 2-stroke petrol engine, equipped with a fuel pump for swift and reliable starts. Delivering a specified engine power of 1.5 kW at 7500 rpm, the 143R-IIA-HD ensures efficient performance with a clutch engagement speed of 2500 rpm (+-120).
This cutter boasts versatility with its dual nylon line trimmer head or sturdy metal grass blade, making it adaptable to various cutting needs. The ergonomic bullhorn (bike) handle provides comfort during extended use. With a fuel tank volume of 0.94 L and a dry weight of 8.4kg, this trimmer combines power and maneuverability seamlessly.
Backed by a 1-year warranty, the Husky 143R-IIA-HD is the epitome of reliability and durability for professional lawn care.

What comes in the box?
-Aluminum Head2-Tooth Blade
-Mixing Bottle
-Safety Goggles
-Operating Manual

Read more about how to use and mix 2-stroke fuel.

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