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16 Feb Turner Morris Firefighter | Product Education | AgBlogs
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Turner Morris Firefighters:                          After experiencing numerous disasters over the years, finding a solution to the problem of grass and bushfires has become imperative. Millions of hectares of grazing land are lost annually due to t..
09 Feb The Cutting Edge | Weed Eater, or Brush Cutter?
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The Cutting Edge: Weed Eater, or Brush Cutter?In the world of lawn care and landscaping, the names used to describe lawn tools can be a little confusing. Various terms like weed eater, string trimmer, and brush cutter are regularly used interchangeab..
01 Feb The Falcon Slasher | Product Education | AgBlogs
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The Falcon Slasher: The cutting-edge in turf maintenance.This week’s featured product on the AgMarket online marketplace is the Falcon 1.8m Heavy Duty Slasher. We will have a look at what a slasher is and what it is used for, and also why the Falcon ..
26 Jan How Brushless Motors work | Product Education | AgBlogs
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Unveiling the power behind Kyocera power tools - How brushless motors workBrushless motors have become a revolutionary new technology in the world of power tools and Kyocera has taken the lead with its cutting-edge brushless technology. To understand..
18 Jan Clear water vs trash water portable pumps
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Choosing the right water pump – a guide to clear water and trash water pumps.When you Google the words, water pump, there are thousands of listings of water pumps for sale. This can be overwhelming and confusing for most. AgMarket has done the resear..
01 Dec Want to know what to buy a DIY fanatic this Christmas?
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Want to know what to buy a DIY fanatic this Christmas?   Christmas day is around the corner. One of the most practical solutions is to buy some power tools for his/her garage. But what to buy? We’ve compiled a list to make your Christmas shoppin..
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