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Brand: Poltek
The 10Lt Water Fount Is Moulded From High Quality Durable Materials; Is Easy To Carry And Graduated For Medicines. **Specifications *Application: From Day Old To End Of Life Cycle *Drinking Capacity: 1 Fount Per 100 Birds *Water Capacity: 10 Litre Fountain *Weight: 0.757Kg **Spare Parts *Water Fount..
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Brand: Poltek
The Classic Black Live Bird Crate Is Made From Durable H.D.P.E And Is Assembled With Nylon Rivets. It Features A Single Component Reinforced Gate To Prevent Birds Escaping; With New Locating Pins To Assist In Securing The Gate In Place Should Pressure Be Applied From Above. There Is A Second Handle ..
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Brand: Poltek
All Components Of This Nipple Are Made From High Quality Plastic Or Long Lasting Stainless Steel. 360 Action No Drip Cups Required. It Is Designed To Fit On A 26.6 mm Round Pipe. **Specifications *Drinking Capacity 5 Layers Or 12 Broilers Per Nipple *Thread: 1.8? Gas.....
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Brand: Poltek
Use With 636200 And 636201.....
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Brand: Poltek
Designed For Small Scale Farmers And Suitable For Day Old Quail Birds. The 750Ml Water Fount Is Also Perfect To Use In Aviary Cages. **Specifications *Drinking Capacity: 4 Founts Per 100 Birds *Water Capacity: 750Ml Fount *Application: From 1 To 7 Day Old Chicks.....
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Brand: Poltek
The Tube Feeder Has Four Support Struts With Additional Curves For Extra Strength And Sturdiness Increased Inner Cone Size For Better Feed Flow And Extra Feet For Superior Stability. All Metal Parts Are Electroplated To Prevent Corrosion. Anti-Waste Ring (Optional Extra) **Specifications *Applicatio..
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Brand: Poltek
Poltek 3-Hole Cord Adjuster.....
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Brand: Poltek
Replacement Adjuster Rod Complete With S-Hook.....
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Brand: Poltek
This Unique Apparatus Converts High To Low Pressure And Works Off A Simple Float And Valve System. It Is Made Of Strong Robust Material And Has Long Lasting Pvc Parts. It Consists Of A 5-Litre Water Tank With Lid; Float Valve; Elbow And Drainplug And Must Be Installed When Using Poltek Automatic Dri..
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Brand: Poltek
The Breeder Drinker Is Ideal For Breeder Chickens. The Drinker Is Fitted With An Independent Ballast Which Must Be Filled With Sand Or Cast In Concrete To Stabilize The Drinker. It Comes Standard With Hanging Attachments; A 3 Meter Pvc Flexible Water Pipe And A Clamp Saddle With A Shut Off Valve. Mo..
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Brand: Poltek
The Poltek Round Red Feed Tray Is Made From A Polypropylene Material Which Makes It Rigid And Almost Unbreakable. With Specially Designed Ridges On The Base Of The Tray To Reduce Spillage While Chicks Are Feeding. **Specifications *Application: From 1 To 7 Day Old Chicks *Feeding Capacity: 3 Trays P..
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