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300mm Auger Drill Bit for Tractor mounted Post Hole Diggers. (Drill Bits only).Turfmaster p/n: POW-M-DMB30Features:PTO Tractor Post Hole Auger BitAuger Height: mmAuger Diameter: 300mm  (12″)Gearbox Shaft Hole: 38mmCan dig holes up to meter depending on post hole diggerSuits post hole diggers with a ..
R 5,202.00
Ex Vat:R 4,523.48
Brand: Power Pro
Power Pro 76mm (3″) Wood Chipper Shredder with Power Pro 212cc 7hp Petrol EngineTurfmaster p/n: POW-SHR76-POWThe Power Pro SHR 76 wood chipper is assured to make light work of excess twigs, leaves and branches.Ideal for professional gardeners and landscapers but also great for amateur gardeners that..
R 14,749.00
Ex Vat:R 12,825.22
Brand: Staalmeester
The Enorossi Caddy Rake offers a simple, compact design that keeps the moving parts down to a minimum, eliminating excessive wear points. With a high ground clearance of over 20", keeps the transport bar away from cut hay when raking under heavy conditions. A wide, 6-foot stance on the 15"transport ..
R 105,686.00
Ex Vat:R 91,900.87
Brand: Staalmeester
The Enerossi Pull-Type Rake is fitted with 7 or 9 wheels and has been designed for use on all types of ground. They are used for raking hay and other types of forage. This machine is suitable for the gathering of small elements with uneven windrows.....
R 149,770.00
Ex Vat:R 130,234.78
Brand: Staalmeester
The JF C-240 Double Row Forage Harvester from Staalmeester features an innovative folding arm system which makes transportation easier and allows harvesting in an offset position or in-line on the front or back of the tractor. The front farings are included, resulting in less forage waste and higher..
R 523,021.00
Ex Vat:R 454,800.87
Brand: Turner Morris
The Turner Morris hammermill with 13Hp Honda petrol engine is a powerful, reliable machine designed to meet your grinding and milling needs. The powerful Honda engine provides the necessary power to crush, grind and pulverize a variety of materials. Its durable construction and efficient design ensu..
R 27,099.00
Ex Vat:R 23,564.35
Wood Pro M100 Drum Wood Chipper 100mm opening 4″Due to the popularity of this product, please take note that there is a waiting period of ± 2 – 3  weeks.M100 is a robust drum wood chipper with an upright standing funnel with safety flap. Drum chipper with reversible blades and counter steel. Transmi..
R 40,676.00
Ex Vat:R 35,370.43
Brand: Fieldking
The Disc Plough can handle the toughest ploughing conditions. For extremely hard ground and soil with large roots and other obstructions, one can obtain outstanding penetration performance. For soft sticky ground and sandy soil, depth can be controlled through the built-in depth control. The under f..
R 36,168.00
Ex Vat:R 31,450.43
Brand: Fieldking
The Fieldking Jumbo Mouldboard Plough is protected with shear bolt for safety. It's heavy duty tubular structure and strong frame design help to resist load during deep ploughing. It has an adjustable depth wheel to control the depth and load of plough while high quality boron steel tyne provides hi..
R 59,916.00
Ex Vat:R 52,100.87
Brand: Agromaster
The Agromaster Chisel plough is manufactured with extremely durable material. Replaceable chisel points are in stock and ready to be shipped. Chisels are used to break the hard bottom layer of soil which forms by repeated ploughing and processing of soil without tilling and airing.In the case of sud..
R 69,001.00
Ex Vat:R 60,000.87
Brand: Ram
UV stable used for square baling of hay for animal feed. Breaking strain 112kg f. Package 2X5kg. Runnage 328m/kg.....
R 678.50 R 761.00
Ex Vat:R 590.00
The 1.8M Locust Slasher offers efficient grass-cutting and slashing. With its 1.8 m cutting width and 2 blades it makes easy work of your grass cutting needs. ....
R 61,181.00
Ex Vat:R 53,200.87
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