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Harvesters and Threshers

Brand: Staalmeester
The JF C-240 Double Row Forage Harvester from Staalmeester features an innovative folding arm system which makes transportation easier and allows harvesting in an offset position or in-line on the front or back of the tractor. The front farings are included, resulting in less forage waste and higher..
R 523,021.00
Ex Vat:R 454,800.87
Brand: Staalmeester
The JF C-120is the market-leading Forage Harvester. It cuts and chops products such as maize, sorghum, sunflower, sugar cane and all types of forage grasses. The machine offers a uniform cut with high production capacity. This unit has the lowest tractor kW requirement on the market and a variety of..
R 280,601.00
Ex Vat:R 244,000.87
Brand: Staalmeester
The JF 92 Z10 single-row forage harvester from Staalmeester is ideal for a smaller entity looking to cut only a few hectares a year. This is the entry-level alternative. This machine offers high chopping precision, resulting in uniform chop sizes. It also boasts the highest productivity, most cost-e..
R 166,751.00
Ex Vat:R 145,000.87
Brand: Staalmeester
The JF1300 AT by Staalmeester features a powerful rotor with 15 "C" Technology blades, combined with the new "=PRO" kernel processing system. This leads to silage with high nutritional value at a low operational cost. This machine also features a new tungsten saw blade, innovative transmission and a..
R 1,207,501.00
Ex Vat:R 1,050,000.87
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