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Husky 1-Man Earth Auger 200mm

Husky 1-Man Earth Auger 200mm
Husky 1-Man Earth Auger 200mm
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200mm Husky AG52 1-Man Earth Auger 51.6cc Post Hole Digger Petrol 2-StrokeIntroducing the Husky AG52 1-Man Earth Auger, a powerful and efficient solution for post-hole boring, tree planting, and hedge laying. This rugged auger is equipped with a 51.6cc two-stroke Husky Brand classic air-cooled engine, ensuring easy starting and reliable performance. The thoughtful design includes full grip bars for optimal control, preventing the auger from wandering and keeping both you and the equipment precisely on point. With a low weight yet high power-to-weight ratio, this auger features Easy-Start technology, making it user-friendly. The 200mm drill attachments, included with the machine, cater to a range of digging needs, with additional sizes available (100mm, 150mm, 250mm, 300mm). The auger's variable head speed settings and robust gear drive transmission contribute to its versatility and efficiency. Other notable features include detachable blades, anti-vibration handle, and heavy-duty sturdy steel construction. Weighing 16 kg and powered by a proven 51.6cc Two-Stroke Engine, the Husky AG52 ensures a one-person operation with ease. Backed by a 1-year limited warranty (subject to annual service), this auger is the go-to choice for those seeking a reliable, durable, and user-friendly earth-moving solution.More about how to mix and use 2-stroke fuel.

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