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Pool Accessories and Chemicals

Brand: HTH
Floater Is A Clarifier; Tips When It Is Empty. 1.5Kg Treats Up To 70 000L Water And 720G Treats Up To 30 000L Water....
R 174.00
Ex Vat:R 151.30
Brand: HTH
10 X 200Gr Tablets. Active Ingredient: Calcium Hyper Chloride. 1 Tablet In 10000Lt Water Equals 14....
R 333.00
Ex Vat:R 289.57
Brand: HTH
15Kg Granular L146 And N-Ar 1060 Of Act 36 Of 1947. Non-Stabilised Chlorine Killing Algae And Bacteria....
R 1,198.00
Ex Vat:R 1,041.74
Brand: HTH
Non - Stabilised Granular Chlorine Used For Regular Chlorination Shock Treatment Sanitising Disinfecting Anti Bacterial Agent Etc.....
R 386.00
Ex Vat:R 335.65
Brand: HTH
Pool Products Treat 50 000 Liters. Adjust Your Dosage According To Your Pool Size. If You Have A Fibreglass Lining; Remember To Pre-Dissolve Chemicals To Prevent Damage To Pool Lining.....
R 216.00
Ex Vat:R 187.83
Brand: HTH
Concentrated Solution For Removal Of Metal From Swimming Pool Water. Reduces Scale Formation....
R 145.00
Ex Vat:R 126.09
Brand: HTH
All In One Pool Care. Apply Once A Week. Controls Algae. Clears Cloudy Water. Kills Bacteria. Maintains Ph. 1 Pack Treats Up To 50 000 Litres. Suited For All Types Of Swimming Pools. Available In 1.2Kg....
R 205.22
Ex Vat:R 178.45
Brand: HTH
Used To Lower The Ph Swimming Pool Water. Active Ingredients: Sodium Hydrogen Sulphate 92% And Inert Ingredients 8%. Toll Free Helpline 0800022240.....
R 159.00
Ex Vat:R 138.26
Brand: HTH
The Leaf Skimmer Has A Large Surface Area Covered With A Durable Net To Effectively Capture Any Leaves And Debris From The Pool Surface. Small Net Aperture Size To Capture Smaller Objects Effectively. For Use With A Telescopic Pole....
R 144.00
Ex Vat:R 125.22
Brand: HTH
Powerful And Convenient Shock Treatment And Algaecide. Controls Algae....
R 61.00
Ex Vat:R 53.04
Brand: HTH
Lowers Ph In The Water. Is A Liquid Acid.....
R 182.00
Ex Vat:R 158.26
Brand: HTH
Non-Stabilised Chlorine. Kills Bacteria And Algae. Fast Acting & Quick To Dissolve. Can Be Used For Shock Treating.....
R 71.00
Ex Vat:R 61.74
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