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Why Sell on AgMarket

AgMarket provides a vital digital link between customers and suppliers in the South African agricultural sector and beyond. The platform connects you to a bigger buying audience, giving you greater access to consumers in a secure, online environment. Selling products on AgMarket is likely to be hugely beneficial for your brand and products, and becoming a vendor is quick and easy, with a team ready to assist you every step of the way.

Over the past few years consumers have changed the way they shop, but the pace has been vastly accelerated in South Africa by the COVID-19 pandemic. Local merchants have little choice but to keep up with these trends or face being left behind. Our farming community is no different. As innovative technology aids their journey, they too are looking for exceptional experiences across the digital and physical touchpoints with brands.

By offering consumers the option to shop whenever they want, from wherever they are, you are able tap into the growing market of shoppers who prefer to browse products and make purchases online, whether it be from the comfort of their own beds, or outside of usual working hours.

  • AgMarket gives the consumer a familiar environment with a trustworthy shopping experience and known brands.
  • AgMarket makes it easy for sellers who don’t want to worry about packing and couriering  their products to customers.  Our reliable couriers will collect from your warehouse, factory or shop and deliver straight to the consumer.
  • AgMarket’s back-end-infrastructure provides everything you need to do business, including inventory tracking, credit card processing, and sales tax collection.
  • AgMarket sellers can earn repeat business without additional marketing –

having an online presence means potential customers can see your products while searching for other products.


But what truly makes us different is that we are fully committed to building strong relationships with you – we look forward to accompanying you on this journey and combining our success with your success!