About Us

AgMarket was created through a vision and passion for food security in the agricultural sector. The co-founder, Chris Venter, has made it his mission to support farmers by sustaining and equipping their farming businesses, thus contributing to food security not only in South Africa, but throughout our continent. He has always strived to support farmers, adding value to their farming operations and making them more successful, by bringing suppliers closer to the farmer – our valued clients!


Chris also believes in the uplifment and empowerment of our youth and therefor combined forces with the co-founder and youth entrepreneur, Juan van Deventer to add his technological innovations to this dynamic company mix.


The need for a simple solution for the supply and demand of agricultural products was established based on deep understanding and experience of the agricultural sector, and also by forming solid relationships and listening to our clients’ needs.


It was with this vision that AgMarket has been created, an e-commerce platform facilitating a close-knit distribution channel inclusive of the buyer, the middleman and the distributor. AgMarket will assist farmers in gaining access to a larger range of products, and also result in agribusinesses and suppliers being able to expand their product offerings to the farming community.


AgMarket is a vital support structure for farmers and suppliers, ensuring faster, easier and more cost-effective ways of accessing goods and services. Rather than having to access multiple websites to purchase products and parts, AgMarket is the solution that consolidates all of these into one, easy-to-use, secure platform.


Our belief is that AgMarket will become a valuable partner to all farmers’ business and be that integral and trusted support system so necessary in the industry. The mission of our online shop is to assist you with an effortless purchasing system, ensuring prompt delivery of items, making sure the right orders are delivered at the right price, all in a secure, cashless environment.


We look forward to making this journey with you!


AgMarket – “Our Farmers’ Online Choice”