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Bring the farm right to your doorstep!- Grow fresh produce year round in this easily accessible vertical grow tower- Grow nutrient rich produce without soil- Can be used indoors or outdoors- Easily grow Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and even Flowers- Uses up less than 1 square meter of spaceBox Contains..
R 3,429.00
Ex Vat:R 3,429.00
The Hydroponic Starter pack works perfectly with the Hydroponic Grow Tower but will also work with most hydroponic systems.The box includes:- 24 Net Pots- 24 Rockwool Cubes- 1x PH Test Kit- 1x PH Up- 1x PH Down- 1x Nutrients- 1x Pump Timer....
R 882.00
Ex Vat:R 882.00
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