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Self Defence

Brand: Ceonic
 The Ceonic Sig Sauer P320 is a non-lethal, self-defense pistol that makes use of Blank rounds as well as Pepper rounds. The blank rounds provide you with the sound of a real gun without the possibility of shooting a projectile. Pepper rounds shoot a Pepper spray/gas that is used to neutralize ....
R 3,225.75
Ex Vat:R 2,805.00
Brand: Zoraki
The Zoraki 914 (9mm Short Replica) is a semi-automatic, non-lethal, self defence blank pistol that shoots 9mm blank rounds and GMG (German Military Grade) pepper rounds. A blank pistol provides you with the look and sound of a real firearm without the possibility of shooting a projectile. Blank pist..
R 2,248.25
Ex Vat:R 1,955.00
60ml pepper spray used for self defense ....
R 175.95
Ex Vat:R 153.00
40ml Pepper Spray used for self defense....
R 156.40
Ex Vat:R 136.00
This Shooting taser can either be used as a standard close combat taser or a a shooting taser. Each shooting taser comes with a holster that can be fitted to your belt, a charger and three shooting taser cartridges. It has an output of 8000 Volts, and when used with the shooting cartridge it has a r..
R 733.13
Ex Vat:R 637.50
This single shot, bolt action PCP is a great entry level air gun to start with. It is smaller than the average PCP, you can get 40 shots per fill and it is extremely accurate. You can attach a silencer to it as well as it comes with a threaded barrel, which means you can easily use it in your backya..
R 3,519.00
Ex Vat:R 3,060.00
The Kral Puncher Mega is a one of the best entry level PCP's on the market, it is extremely accurate up to a distance of 60m and it has  a threaded barrel for attaching a silencer. It has a velocity of 950 feet per second, it comes with two mags that can hold 12 rounds each. The Picatinny rail ....
R 7,624.50
Ex Vat:R 6,630.00
Lightweight and powerful, the Artemis P15 PCP AirRifle offers power and utility in a compact form factor. Perfect for storing in your vehicle for quick and easy access. The ultimate in power size ratio!Includes:1x Artemis P15 Bullpup PCP AirRifle1x Hawke Optics 3-9x40 FastMount Rifle Scope1x Bullpup..
R 15,525.00
Ex Vat:R 13,500.00
The Artemis CP2 is an ideal starter or ultra-lightweight AirGun for general use. Great for budding young hunters, this mag-fed gun is compact and lightweight and comes with both a long barrel for more precision shooting as well as a short one for ease of carry and storage. This pistol also features ..
R 3,277.50
Ex Vat:R 2,850.00
This little kit packs a massive punch, Ideal for the handbag, a combination of a blank pistol device, including 3x pepper and 20x blank cartridges, high-quality pepper spray, and a great taser, you can go out into the world assured that you will be able to defend yourself in a multitude of hostile s..
R 2,415.00
Ex Vat:R 2,100.00
Fast Acting Pepper Spray! The Pepper Spray is small enough to fit in your handbag. The Pepper Spray is perfect to fend of an attacker! Specifications: Spray Distance: Greater than 3 meters Effective Spray time: Greater than 4 seconds    ....
R 110.00
Ex Vat:R 95.65
THE FLASHLIGHT WITH A SHOCK!!! A lightweight and versatile self-defence product whether at home, work area and/or on your outdoor outings. This product is also extremely useful in the security sector. With its great power, its excellent resistance, and its good quality, that when you fire it off it ..
R 395.00
Ex Vat:R 343.48
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