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Anti-Microbial Gel hand Sanitizer Size: 500ml Application: The anti-microbial hand sanitizer with moisturisers to prevent dryness of skin, suitable for use in food processing areas. G-CIDE™ is a unique biocide (able to kill living organisms, especially micro organisms) that is used i..
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Brand: Liquid Clinic
Liquid Clinic 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer helps prevent the transfer of viruses and bacteria.nSpecifications:nSize: 500mlnIngredients: Ethanol, Sypernoic NP9, Glycerine, Fragrance, Water, Blue DYEnInside The Boxn1x 500ml Hand Sanitizer....
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Brand: Liquid Clinic
Liquid Clinic 97% Alcohol Hand and Surface sanitizer helps prevent the transfer of viruses and bacterianFeatures:nnAerosol SpraynOver 70% AlcoholnDisinfects SurfacesnFreshens the AirnHelps prevent the transfer of viruses and bacteriannInside the Box:nn1x 150ml Sanitizern....
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Brand: Steri-Stand
Features:nnSturdy designnFully adjustable for different size bottlesnFoot Pedal for dispensingnnSpecifications:nnDimensions: 1000mm x 300mm x 100mmnMaterial: Powdercoated Mild SteelnRequires AssemblynnInside The Box:nn1x Steristandn1x Instruction Manualn....
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Brand: Megawarehouse
Ultimate Hygiene air is a non-hazardous solution to cleanse and purify all areas and surfaces. Large areas are productively and effectively treated without the need for direct surface contact or use of harmful chemicals.nFeatures:nnFree from nasty CFC'snKills 99.99% of germsnGentle on handsnIsupropy..