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Bevel Trim
Bevel Trim

Bevel Trim

Main applicationsThe combination router with two functions - chamfer milling and flush trimming in a single work stepThe plastic coated ball bearing leaves no traces behind and protects the panel edgesItems Includedin self-service display packTechnical DetailsD 24 mm NL 11 mm GL 54 mm alpha 0/45 ..
R 1,040.00
Ex Vat:R 904.35
Main applicationsWhether straight or curved counter tops - with the chamfer cutter undercut, profiles can be produced without having to turn over the counter topsWith the roundover chamfer, the cut chamfer can be rounded without the use of attachmentsItems Includedin self-service display packTechnic..
R 4,468.10
Ex Vat:R 3,885.30
Bevel Trim bit Carbide Tipped This is a 45 degree steel-bodied, carbide-tipped bit for bevel trimming laminate with a standard router. The solid construction reduces vibration for the smoothest cut possible with a two-flute bit. This is a popular profile for a modern look. This r..
R 414.00
Ex Vat:R 360.00
BEVEL TRIM BIT 1/2' X 1/2' 15 1/4' SHANK....
R 507.38
Ex Vat:R 441.20
22° Bevel Trim bit Carbide Tipped This 22 degree angled bevel carbide-tipped bit reduces vibration, and its three-flute configuration produces a very smooth cut. Some craftsmen apply this router bit in trimming melamine edging to reduce the sharp edge that normally exists on melamine edg..
R 536.30
Ex Vat:R 466.35
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