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Other Cutters/ Blades
Other Cutters/ Blades

Other Cutters/ Blades

Brand: OLFA
Blades for knife OLFA CK-2 For: OLFA® CK-2 Cat No: CKB2 Qty: 2 /Pack Specially designed stainless steel blade for wood carving and hobby craft. CKB-2 contains 2 blades in a plastic case, packed in a plastic bag. Good For: Wood carving and hobby craft.....
R 95.57
Ex Vat:R 83.10
Brand: OLFA
Olfa Pull-Saw Blade Cat No: HSWB-1/1B Qty: 1 /Pack Sawing is hard work ... unless you have a high-quality blade. This solid saw blade from OLFA® makes the saw do the work, not you. You'll see — and feel — the difference in this blade, crafted of sturdy carbon tool steel. (HSWB-1/1B) ..
R 163.01
Ex Vat:R 141.75
Brand: OLFA
Olfa® Saw Blade For CS-5 For: Olfa cutter model:  CS-5 Cat no: SWB-5/1B Qty: 1 /Pack This saw blade is used on the OLFA CS-5 multi-tool. Ideal for working on drywall or general demolition.(SWB-5/1B) Good For: Cutting drywall and general demolition. Also used for cutting cardboard,..
R 131.68
Ex Vat:R 114.50
Brand: OLFA
Saw blade for 18mm cutters Model: SWB-1 For: 18mm cutters Qty: 1 Good For: Converting any 18mm Olfa cutter into a wood saw.....
R 121.96
Ex Vat:R 106.05
Brand: OLFA
Olfa Craft knife CK-2 Professional Hobby Knife. Cat no: CK-2 Blade: CKB2 Heavy-duty craft knife, featuring a specially designed stainless steel blade for wood carving and hobby craft. With screw lock. Stainless steel handle. Made in Japan. Good For: Hobby craft work, outdoor and ..
R 112.47
Ex Vat:R 97.80
Brand: OLFA
Olfa Acrylic Scoring Knife PC-L Scoring and breaking acrylics the right way Cat no: PC-L Heavy-duty cutter, designed to produce a fine score line to precisely break plastics, acrylic and laminates. Features built-in room for spare blades and a ratchet-wheel for secure blade extension..
R 175.78
Ex Vat:R 152.85
Brand: OLFA
Olfa® Top Sheet Cutter OLFA® Wrapping Industry leader - Great for Scrap booking too! Cat no: TS-1 The TS-1 cuts only the top sheet without being influenced by user's power adjustment. One TS-1 cuts a variety of papers: from a thin piece of newspaper to a thick cover of a magazine. Cu..
R 163.82
Ex Vat:R 142.45
Brand: OLFA
OLFA® Fiberglass Reinforced 5-Position Auto-Lock Utility Knife Retractable blade for increased safety in the workplace Cat no: UTC-1 This retractable auto-lock utility knife helps reduce injuries in the workplace. Features elastomer on the handles for comfort and control, a heavy gauge..
R 135.64
Ex Vat:R 117.95
Brand: OLFA
Scoring blade for PC-S For: Olfa cutter model:  PC-S Qty: 5/Pack Spare blade for the acrylic scoring knife PC-S....
R 49.05
Ex Vat:R 42.65
Brand: OLFA
OLFA® Plastic/Laminate Blades For: PC-L Laminate Cutter Cat No: PB-800 Qty: 3 /Pack We call it a pack of three, but you could call it a six-pack! That's because each OLFA® blade in this pack has two precision-sharp edges. Made of tungsten steel, the blades are ideal for heavy-duty..
R 77.57
Ex Vat:R 67.45
Brand: OLFA
Olfa® Blades For TS-1 For: Olfa cutter model:  TS-1 Cat no: TSB-1 Qty: 5 /Pack Top Sheet Cutter replacement blade fits the OLFA Top Sheet Cutter. Ideal for cutting coupons, printed articles, and other tasks that require only a single, top sheet to be cut and the material beneath ..
R 38.41
Ex Vat:R 33.40
R 291.12
Ex Vat:R 253.15
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