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Brand: Livetrack SA
Uses a special foaming insert which sits in the Dip Cup reservoir. It generates foam as the Dip Cup is squeezed and rises to fill the Dip Cup chamber with foamFeatures:Easy squeeze action for rapid and consistent foam generationCan be dismantled for cleaningConvenient belt hook....
R 166.75
Ex Vat:R 145.00
The Te Pari Revolution Dosing Gun is a high-workload, battery powered, easy-to-use, hand-held fully portable device with the option of adjustable barrels.The standard model has a digital keypad for manual calibration of the dosage while the smart model receives a calculated measured dose from the sc..
R 16,500.00
Ex Vat:R 16,500.00
Brand: Livetrack SA
The MilkSampler takes a small yet representative samples across the whole milking which is suitable for herd management purposes. It is ideal for checking the constituents of milk and somatic cell counts of individual cowsFeatures:Now fitted with an ultrasonically-welded body cap and O-Ring which is..
R 1,265.00
Ex Vat:R 1,100.00
Brand: Livetrack SA
Retractable coil fits classic lever guns.....
R 552.00
Ex Vat:R 480.00