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Brand: Zoetis
INDICATIONS: Long acting antiparasitic remedy with long residual activity against certain important Roundworms and Scab Mite infestations of sheep. COMPOSITION: Moxidectin 2 % m/v.....
R 3,369.43
Ex Vat:R 2,929.94
Brand: Zoetis
INDICATIONS: Antiparasitic remedy for cattle and sheep with residual activity against certain important roundworms of cattle and sheep as well as blue ticks of cattle. For the treatment of wireworm in ostriches. COMPOSITION: Moxidectin 1 % m/v.....
R 1,799.52
Ex Vat:R 1,564.80
Brand: Zoetis
INDICATIONS: Antiparasitic dosing remedy for sheep with residual activity against two important Roundworm species. Controls Milk tapeworm in sheep. COMPOSITION: Moxidectin 0,1 % m/v and Praziquantel 1,88 % m/v.....
R 3,405.02
Ex Vat:R 2,960.89
Brand: Zoetis
INDICATIONS: DECTOMAX® is a long-acting, injectable, broad- spectrum parasiticide for cattle, sheep, goats and swine. CONTAINS: A ready-to-use, pale yellow, sterile solution containing 1 % (10 mg | ml) doramectin.....
R 1,721.58
Ex Vat:R 1,497.03
Brand: Zoetis
INDICATIONS: For the treatment of a wide range of diseases in many different species: COMPOSITION: A patented formulation ontaining 200 mg oxytetracycline per ml. The formulation, because of its unique carrier, provides sustained oxytetracycline in blood levels for 3 – 5 days in cattle, sh..
R 881.82
Ex Vat:R 766.80
Brand: Zoetis
INDICATIONS: For the prevention and treatment of topical infections that are sensitive to the action of oxytetracycline, e.g. lacerations, abrasions, wound dehiscence, dermatitis and footrot. Can be used on cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, dogs, cats and horses. COMPOSITION: Contains 4 g oxytet..
R 123.65
Ex Vat:R 107.52
Brand: Zoetis
INDICATIONS: Oral drench for Roundworm, Lungworm, Milk Tapeworm, Liver Fluke, Nasal Worm for sheep and goats with residual protection against re-infestation of Wireworm and Hookworm. COMPOSITION: Albendazole 1,9 % m/v and Closantel sodium 3 % m/v.....
R 3,234.47
Ex Vat:R 2,812.58
Brand: Zoetis
INDICATIONS: For the treatment and control of gastrointestinal Roundworms, Lungworms, Mange Mites, Red (Biting) and Blue (Sucking) Lice, Hornflies and Blue Ticks of cattle. COMPOSITION: Moxidectin 0,5 % m/v.....
R 3,944.07
Ex Vat:R 3,429.63
Brand: Zoetis
INDICATIONS: An aid in the treatment of diarrhoea in calves, lambs, kids, piglets and horses. An electrolyte supplement for working horses. To aid recovery in cases of pregnancy toxaemia in ewes. COMPOSITION: Each treatment consists of two sachets A & B, the contents of which have to be....
R 603.85
Ex Vat:R 525.09
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